Houston Glamour Portrait Photography Boudoir Photography Classic Hollywood PortraitsHave you ever noticed the dramatic portrait photography lighting style in use of actors in Hollywood movies from the 1930's throgh 1950's? In my opinion these portrait studies created iconic images of the actors that were larger than life. We all look in awe at these breathtaking Hollywood portraits today and admire their beauty. The movie stars will be remembered and admired through their portraits and movies forever! For myself, when I saw a Hollywood glamour portrait of an actor it generated interest for me to watch their movies. Ava Gardner, Veronica Lake, Gene Tierney, Paulette Goddard, Loretta Young, Greta Garbo  Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant are just an example.

This Hollywood glamour portrait style has been almost lost and forgotten today. In it's place we have candid photography images (selfies included) that are considered the portrait photography of today. This candid style of portraiture may be realistic but it portrays an individual as an everyday person not an iconic figure larger than life.

With the Hollywood glamour portraits of the past in mind, I can create my signature style portraits for you today.

Your portrait will be professionally retouched and printed on canvas. Signature portrait rates by Robert Berger begin at $2000 for your sitting and canvas 16x20 inch portrait. Your portrait is a gift to yourself as well as for future generations to enjoy!

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