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Maternity photography by Robert Berger
We capture the glow...

Our maternity portraits create an everlasting snapshot of your beauty. Because you are beautiful and you deserve a portrait that encapsulates all you are and all you will be
as a mother.

This beautiful time in your life is too precious to not be photographed. Years from now, your maternity photos will remind you of the magical time when you were bringing life into the world (go you!).

And when your child grows up you can look back at these portraits together and show them the time when they could fit in the palm of your hand and the beginnings of life. cherish it forever

Let us help you capture the miracle of life with a maternity portrait you would be proud to display years to come. Call us at 281-531-5269 to schedule your session and ensure lasting memories today.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Session Information

  • Your comfort is our priority. We will make very effort possible to ensure that your session is comfortable and relaxed.
  • Free telephone consultation with photographer to discuss your session & rates.
  • Indoor studio portrait sessions and outdoor portrait sessions available.
  • Never worry about the weather in our climate controlled studio.
  • Unique background system allows you to choose from over 150 backgrounds, from Downtown Houston to rolling hill country fields.
  • Robert projects your images immediately following your session. He assists with selecting the best images for you.
  • Artwork is included for your selected images. All retouching is supervised in-house for the best portraits.
  • Photo retouching is based on our time spent with you. We know how you look so it's never overdone and your retouched portrait is both flattering and natural.
  • Professional photo lab prints all portraits at highest quality available
  • We've got a five-star rating and the most client endorsements on Google Plus of any photography studio in Houston! Click here to see what clients are saying about our portrait sessions.


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