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Houston Senior Portrait Photography

Artistic senior portrait photography studio for Houston, TX

Do you...

Do you already have the perfect portrait in mind and hope that a photographer can make that vision a reality? Don't you wish they could capture how awesome, talented, unique, and incredible you are? Wouldn't it be great if your senior portrait looked different from your friends'?

Well, that's why people choose Robert Berger at Innovative Images for their senior portrait photography.

Why Innovative Images?


In our studio, we have an incredible patented background system where you can choose from over 150 custom designed backgrounds created by Robert. It's not a green screen, so you can wear any color your heart desires. Within minutes you can be photographed among fall forests, then winter snows, and finally spring fields. You will be amazed at the diversity of your portraits!


If you have a favorite location, whether indoors or outdoors, just call to discuss your ideas with Robert. He can photograph you at the location of your choice.


Our studio has the most client endorsements and 5-star rating on Google +. Robert has been in the photography business since 1985. From his experience he can recognize the new trends that will stay in style and the trends that will quickly go out of favor.


Your portraits are professionally printed and retouched for the highest quality. Robert wants to make sure your final retouched printed portrait is the finest possible with softened skin, reduced blemishes, and whitened teeth.

Robert feels that when you receive your professionally printed and retouched portrait it's the best way to ensure a wonderful lasting memory. You will enjoy your portraits today and years from now.


Robert compares himself to an experienced chef who prepares gourmet meals, but instead of preparing a meal, Robert carefully crafts your stunning, professionally printed, senior portrait to be admired by all.

There's a difference between a gourmet chef and your average cook. Anyone can purchase the same ingredients that a professional chef has access to at a supermarket, cook it, and put it on a plate. But only a few people can prepare a meal to the degree of excellence that a gourmet chef can. When a professional chef cooks a gourmet meal you expect excellence due to their experience and training.

Amateur cooks that lack the expertise of their professional counterparts serve up mediocre meals. Similarly, there are inexperienced, part-time photographers out there snapping photos and handing over the images on a CD or flashdrive. Printing photos from these portable devices at a local photo lab doesn't match the outstanding portrait quality we provide at Innovative Images. Because we are a professional, full-time portrait studio, we are able to use a professional photographic lab that allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality portraits.

People choose Robert because they want the gourmet experience. Like a gourmet chef using their skills to turn raw ingredients into a masterpiece, Robert's 29 years of experience transforms the perfect portrait in your mind into an enduring, printed work of art.

When you have award-winning Robert photograph, retouch and print your favorite senior images you will enjoy them today but most importantly you will have made time stand still so you may enjoy your portraits years into the future!


Robert has run a successful business and been a full-time photographer since 1985. He prides himself in doing portraits for generations of clients. Above all, he believes that your memories are important. Shouldn't you hire a photographer you know will continue to be in business and be able to reach not only today, but years from now as well?

Client Testimonials

Traditional Senior Portrait of girl in graduation robes

"Robert took my graduation pictures and did an amazing job and was also very easy to communicate with! During the shoot [Rob] took time to make sure each picture came out amazing it was so hard just to choose a few) and I really appreciated his hard work! All of my family and friends cannot stop talking about how great my pictures came out and I will definitely be recommending [Robert] to my friends."
- Courtney Thibadeaux

"Robert shot my senior high school son's portraits on site at the Houston Zoo, and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Robert's patience and thorough attention to detail helped to capture a great moment in our child's life - Thanks, Robert!"
- M.R. Heller

Session Information

  • Free telephone consultation with photographer to discuss your session & rates.
  • Indoor studio senior portrait sessions and outdoor senior portrait sessions available.
  • Never worry about the weather in our climate controlled studio.
  • Unique background system allows you to choose from over 150 backgrounds, from Downtown Houston to rolling hill country fields.
  • Robert projects your images immediately following your session. He assists with selecting the best images for you.
  • Artwork is included for your selected images. All retouching is supervised in-house for the best portraits.
  • Photo retouching is based on our time spent with you. We know how you look so it's never overdone and your retouched portrait is both flattering and natural.
  • Professional photo lab prints all portraits at highest quality available
  • We've got a five-star rating and the most client endorsements on Google Plus of any photography studio in Houston! Click here to see what clients are saying about our portrait sessions.


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