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Corporate Photography Serving The Houston Area Corporate Branding Photography

Outstanding professional photography helps convey a company’s values, establish a visual identity, and create a strong and consistent brand image. Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger has 38 years of experience in the Houston area and can help your enhance your company’s brand!

The creative vision of a highly experienced professional photographer can elevates your corporate image and brand! Companies that understand the IMPORTANCE of professional photography easily rise above their competitors. Why? “Experience, Knowledge, Creative Vison, Directing Individuals and Lighting are key to creating images that get attention. It also takes planning and effort in advance of the photo shoot. It’s easy for a company employee to take snapshots with an iphone, but the end result equals random snapshots with an iphone. The importance of Experience, Knowledge, Creative Vison, Directing Individuals and Lighting shouldn’t be overlooked” said award winning photographer Robert Berger.            

Corporate Group Photography

This corporate group photograph was taken at the Innovative Images Photography Studio in Houston. The studio is equipped with the proper lighting and backgrounds to photograph up to 14 individuals.   

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Environmental Photography:

Environmental portraits are photographs taken in the context of a person’s work environment. They offer a glimpse into a company’s culture and help humanize the brand. These images can be used in company profiles, annual reports, and other materials that aim to convey the company’s values and demonstrate the expertise and dedication of its employees.

Corporate Photographer Houston

An in-studio headshot banner in houston texas for headshot photography. The banner shows an individual with a classic gray background and then shows four office and location background options that can be interchanged with his original background. Corporate branding needs a consistent look for teams and staff. Call us today. Professional headshot and business portrait at Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger. 11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101 Houston TX 77082 Servicing these areas Photography Service areas include 77005, 77401, 77019, 77024, 77055, 77025. 77027, 77057, 77081, 77081, 77082, 77098, 77030, 77063, 77056, , 77082, 77077 77096, 77407, 77079, 77346, 77459, 77494, 77450, 77498, 77407, 77441, 77433, 77493, 77489, 77478, 77469, 77406, 77497, 77464, 77477
professional headshot created in a photo studio with the capital in washington dc as a background.

Event Photography:

Event Coverage: Companies often host or participate in events such as conferences, trade shows, and product launches. Professional event photography captures important moments, interactions, and branding elements during these events. The images can be used for press releases, social media posts, blog articles, and marketing materials to showcase the company’s involvement and reinforce its brand image.

Corporate Headshots-Professional Headshots: 

Professional headshots of employees can contribute to a cohesive and professional brand image. These photographs are commonly used on company websites, social media profiles, business cards, and other marketing materials. Consistent and well-executed headshots create a sense of professionalism and build trust among customers and clients.

professional male executive having headshot taken in photography studio in houston Tx. Houston Executive Headshots Business Portraits Corporate Photography Linkedin portraits Portraits of Character by Robert Berger Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger Men's Male portrait Katy Fort bend Tx

Innovative Website Images:

Innovative Images For Your Website & Printed Materials : High-quality images can enhance the visual appeal of your company’s website and effectively communicate your products, services, and brand message. 

Houston Executive Headshots Business Portraits Corporate Photography Linkedin portraits Portraits of Character by Robert Berger Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger Men's Male portrait Katy Fort bend Tx
houston cinematic headshots and portraits. professional studio portrait using hollywood glamour lighting by Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger in Houston Texas

Cinematic Headshots for Those Who Seek Artistry, Transforming Headshots into Masterpieces!

My client initially envisioned a professional headshot for his Linkedin profile and his company’s website. During his headshot session, I recommended we try my cinematic headshot style as well. His cinematic image pictured here(no tie), his Linkedin headshot(with tie) seen below. 

Discover a new dimension of personal and professional representation with our cinematic headshots that transcend the ordinary. Call today!         


Professional Headshots Houston TX/Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger

Pictured here is an example of my contemporary headshot which can also be called modern headshot and luxury headshot(non-cinematic) executive headshot photography. Notice this is the same individual as above photographed in the cinematic headshot/portrait style!  

male professional headshot photographed at Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger professional portrait photography studio in Houston Texas. Dark gray photography background. Headshot includes face retouching. 11211 Richmond Ave. Suite B101, Houston, TX 77082.

 Award-winning portrait photographer Robert Berger says “A camera is like any tool, just as paints and brushes are to an artistic painter. Rembrandt, Picasso, used the same tools as all artists that paint. Their unique creative vision and masterful use of their tools set them apart from their peers. Photography isn’t an exception. Creative vision, knowledge, flattering posing, lighting, and interpersonal interaction with subjects are key to creating outstanding photographic artwork.” Robert asks inquisitively “Who wouldn’t want to be remembered?” His motto is “Stunning portrait photography created with expert craftsmanship and experience, preserves the present for the future! His studio is known for professional headshots, corporate group photography, photo restoration, passport photos, visa photos, family and pet photography. His signature style is glamorous movie star-style portraits from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Established in 1985.  Portraits of Character by Robert Berger and Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger   Copyright 2024 copying or redistribution of this page is not permitted without written consent by Robert Berger.                                                                           

Houston area award-winning family professional portrait photography studio for families, engagement, bridal portraits, professional business headshots professional portraits for executives and realtors, passport visa photos for all countries, photo restoration, videography for dance recitals and school music programs, Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger 11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101 Houston Texas 77082 and Portraits of Character Photography serving Houston Katy fort bend Sugarland the woodlands since 1985