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Houston Artistic Professional Photography "We Make Time Stand Still"

Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger is a leader in the Houston area since 1985, providing expertly crafted artistic award-winning portrait photography. Robert Berger said “Don’t we all desire to be remembered? How important is that? A stunning family portrait printed with expert craftsmanship captures each individual’s character, love, and zest for living. Famous paintings for example are most appreciated when viewed in person. The paintings have endured and survived for hundreds of years. Archivally printed family portraits last for generations too and experience renewed admiration with each new family generation. An original photograph that was once cherished in our great grandparents’ home, today becomes a historic family treasure. I am ready to create a lasting stunning family portrait for you. “Robert says with a smile “I have made time stand still through my photography for my clients since 1985.” Known for excellence, and trusted in the Houston area for 38 years.            

Houston area award winning professional photography studio for family engagement portraits bridal and couple portraits

Being a professional photographer isn’t about having the latest camera. A camera just like the latest model computer doesn’t function well without a person with knowledge and experience. In many instances, a professional photographer has one opportunity to get things right. You can never go back to yesterday. Professional photography & studio portraits encompass developing an artistic eye for composition, lighting, and posing. In Robert’s portraits, individuals look natural, relaxed, and confident. Robert’s knowledge and experience enable him to photograph people in the most flattering way. Visit our new website Portraits of Character.

Producing artistic professional headshot portraits that captivate the viewer’s attention are studied not glanced at.   

Executive headshots business portraits, family photography.  To ensure the highest quality, Robert himself photographs every portrait studio session and on-location. He prides himself on his interaction with people, young and old, so they feel comfortable and enjoy being photographed.

Houston Portrait Photography

Houston artistic professional portrait photography studio for executives, senior portrait, college graduation, family groups, bridal, engagement, business headshots, personal photography for all ages.     

The Classic Professional Portrait Intriguing, Eye Catching & Timeless

Houston Family Portrait Photography Studio Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger serving Houston Katy Fort Bend Sugarland Memorial Spring Branch The Woodlands Texas 11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101 Houston TX 77082 Houston family photographer for Children Kids Infants Portrait Photography Studio Portraits of Character by Robert Berger Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger

Portraits of Character by Robert Berger Legacy Portraits!  Creating magnificent iconic Hollywood movie star wall portraits for my clients. We all want to be remembered, so consider a stunning portrait showing your unique personality and taste that will be admired for generations just like a movie star!   

HOUSTON HEADSHOTS Present your best image to grow your career!

Your business headshot should project professionalism, character, and friendliness. The saying that a “picture is worth a thousand words” is still true. Since our brain processes visual information instantly, a glance at these headshots should instill a positive first impression. My motto is” Present Your Best to Impress The Most.” The significance of this simple concept is often overlooked, but my clients understand their professional image is a potential gateway to making new influential connections.

HOUSTON FAMILY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY "Printed family portraits are like a discovered treasure for each new generation"

Houston Family Portraits Family Children Kids Infants Portrait Photography Studio Portraits of Character by Robert Berger Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger Studio Outdoor Location Photography

“Professionally photographed and printed family portraits are the best way to enjoy the most important people in your life for generations to come”, said Houston area professional photographer Robert Berger. What if a Rembrandt or Picasso painting was never printed but could only be seen on a computer or cell phone? MIT studied this phenomenon. Would it be appreciated and enjoyed as much over the years?  Artwork is meant to be displayed in a home or office, it creates a relaxing comfortable environment. It’s also admired and appreciated by anyone who enters the room.                

Houston area family portrait photographer Robert Berger, can create family portraits in his studio, or on location.   


Houston Corporate Group Business Group Executive Group Photography Houston Group Photos Group Pictures Group Photography for Business Executives Company Group Photography Christmas Card Photos Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger serving Houston Katy Fort bend Sugarland The Woodlands Texas 11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101, Houston Texas 77082

PHOTOGRAPH RESTORATION The Finest Quality Photo Restoration In Houston

houston photo restoration picture restoration photograph restoration Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger serving houston,katy fort bend, Texas 11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101, Houston Texas 77082

PASSPORT VISA PHOTOS Customized For Any Country Guaranteed

Houston Passport Photos Visa Photos Immigration green card US Canada UK Australia Netherlands Germany France All Countries serving Houston Katy Fort bend Tx Portraits of Character by Robert Berger Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger

SEASONAL THEME MINI SESSIONS Christmas Photo Mini Sessions For Kids

houston christmas mini sessions christmas portraits family kids children portrait packages christmas cards houston katy fort bend tx


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 Award-winning portrait photographer Robert Berger says “A camera is like any tool, just as paints and brushes are to an artistic painter. Rembrandt, Picasso, used the same tools as all artists that paint. Their unique creative vision and masterful use of their tools set them apart from their peers. Photography isn’t an exception. Creative vision, knowledge, flattering posing, lighting, and interpersonal interaction with subjects are key to creating outstanding photographic artwork.” Robert asks inquisitively “Who wouldn’t want to be remembered?” His motto is “Stunning portrait photography created with expert craftsmanship and experience, preserves the present for the future! His studio is known for professional headshots, corporate group photography, photo restoration, passport photos, visa photos, family and pet photography. His signature style is glamorous movie star-style portraits from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Portraits of Character by Robert Berger and Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger- Copyright 2022 Copying or redistribution of this page is not permitted without written consent by Robert Berger.                                                                                

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Houston area award-winning family professional portrait photography studio for families, engagement, bridal portraits, professional business headshots professional portraits for executives and realtors, passport visa photos for all countries, photo restoration, videography for dance recitals and school music programs, Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger 11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101 Houston Texas 77082 and Portraits of Character Photography serving Houston Katy fort bend Sugarland the woodlands since 1985