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The Professional Headshot Instills A Lasting Eye Catching Impression!

Captivating Headshot Photography in Houston

Producing artistic professional headshot portraits that captivate the viewer’s attention are studied not glanced at.   

Award-winning portrait photographer Robert Berger says “A camera is like any tool, just as paints and brushes are to an artistic painter. Rembrandt, Picasso, used the same tools as all artists that paint. Their unique creative vision and masterful use of their tools set them apart from their peers. Photography isn’t an exception. Creative vision, knowledge, flattering posing, lighting, and interpersonal interaction with subjects are key to creating outstanding photographic artwork.” Robert asks inquisitively “Who wouldn’t want to be remembered”? Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger is an award-winning photographer- portrait artist whose motto is “Stunning portrait photography created with expert craftsmanship and experience, preserves the present for the future! Contact portrait artist Robert Berger.