Coolest Senior Picture Studio in The Houston Area! From Casual to Glamorous: Choose Your Own Style for Senior Pictures

Houston Senior Portrait Photography & Graduation Teens Family Portraits Senior picture photographer Robert Berger creates stunning senior portraits that will be admired for generations!

Looking for the perfect way to capture your achievements and memories? Look no further than senior portrait and graduation photo packages from Innovative Images Photography!

Professional senior picture photographer Robert Berger offers an array of portrait style and graduation photo package options. He will help you create the perfect portraits to commemorate this important milestone. Your photoshoot is tailored to your unique style and personality, so you can be sure that your senior pictures and graduation portraits truly reflect who you are.

Go with a professional experienced senior portrait photographer for this major milestone. Contact Innovative Images Photography today to schedule your graduation photoshoot and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger is a leader in the Houston area since 1985, which produces the finest senior portrait and family photography. Want the coolest senior pictures? Our “Virtual Background System” let’s us create an almost unlimited variety of background choices. Have a specific idea or theme for your senior photo shoot? Your background can be unique compared to any other senior picture in Houston! Professional photographer Robert Berger said “How important is being remembered? A stunning senior portrait printed with expert craftsmanship captures an individual’s character, love, and zest for living. Famous paintings for example are most appreciated when viewed in person. The paintings have endured and survived for hundreds of years. Archivally printed senior and graduation portrait photography lasts for generations as well, and experiences renewed admiration with each new family generation. A family or senior portrait that is cherished in our home today becomes a  family treasure for each forthcoming generation. I am ready to create a stunning senior portrait or graduation portrait for you.”

Houston area senior picture photographer Robert Berger can create portraits in his studio, or on location. There are many portrait options available.      

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 Award-winning portrait photographer Robert Berger says “A camera is like any tool, just as paints and brushes are to an artistic painter. Rembrandt, Picasso, used the same tools as all artists that paint. Their unique creative vision and masterful use of their tools set them apart from their peers. Photography isn’t an exception. Creative vision, knowledge, flattering posing, lighting, and interpersonal interaction with subjects are key to creating outstanding photographic artwork.” Robert asks inquisitively “Who wouldn’t want to be remembered?” His motto is “Stunning portrait photography created with expert craftsmanship and experience, preserves the present for the future! His studio is known for professional headshots, corporate group photography, photo restoration, passport photos, visa photos, family and pet photography. His signature style is glamorous movie star-style portraits from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Established in 1985.  Portraits of Character by Robert Berger and Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger   Copyright 2022 copying or redistribution of this page is not permitted without written consent by Robert Berger.                                                                           

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